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  • Improved visuals
  • Professional video editing
  • Ready in 24 hours
  • Branded customisation


  • Improved visuals
  • Professional video editing
  • Ready in 24 hours
  • Branded customisation
  • Special Visual Effects
  • Advanced video viewing stats
  • 5 revision of each video
  • Additional visual content
  • Video marketing tools

Key features

Improved Visuals
We are enhancing visuals we receive from the Client to make them brighter, clearer and more attractive. We use special best in class software with artificial intelligence technology to improve photos and videos.
Our experienced team first develops scenario for your hotel and then creates video with the most professional software for video editing. All this in just 24 hours.
The best video is impossible to produce with "automatic" video editors. Our professional video editors will choose the best photos and videos from the Client, create sophisticated scenes and visuals like animation, maps, plans etc.
We offer a range of resolutions of your video. Use HD 1080 format on a website and YouTube. HD 720 - for Facebook and Instagram. SD 540 and 360 - for messengers and emails where file size is limited. And get all of these in two clicks from our vimeo links.
We use professional video hosting platform to store and distribute final product - your video. Vimeo is a very powerful and popular video platform. You can easily embed this video in your website and use vimeo links in your emails or social media.

Our Process. All In 24 Hours


Make Your Order

Select a product, style, format for your video, and answer few simple questions about property.

Upload Your Content

Upload photos and videos about the property that you have.

We Work, You Rest

Our professional team prepares a screenplay and starts making your video while you take a break.

Review the First Cut

We produce the first cut of your video and send it for your review. After we get your comments we prepare the final cut.

Make the Video Work For You

Unlock full potential of your new video in social media, internet and e-mail marketing. Engage your clients and drive deals.

Here are a few places to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started is super simple. All you have to do is click the "Get Started" and choose the video template right for you. After you place your order with us, fill out our client questionnaire with all the details of your product.
We will complete your video within 24 hours.
It's that easy!
Yes, you can order a video in a language other than English. Let us know what language you would like to use and we will check if we can create a video in that one.
We offer discounts for those who purchase 3 or more videos from us. Please message us if you'd like to make a bulk order.
Every client has different expectations and we try to meet your requirements as close as possible. But in the case where you're not satisfied with the client, we will be happy to provide 1 revision for you in order to meet your requirements.
You absolutely can! And in fact, we advocate this. At AnimationVideo we specialize in high quality, high converting product videos.
We use top of line production equipment and software and our team are experts at production and direct response marketing.
But there's a lot you can learn from filming products yourself. So give it a try! If it's too difficult for you, then you can try our services!
You can send the pictures and videos of your hotel to us through any hosting that is comfortable for you to use. Usually the most popular choices are, and
Normally, to make one video we need no more than 24 hours after we get all the materials we need. However, It can take more if you order Exclusive Format and require more visual effects or branding.
Send to us your requests for corrections 1 (one) time if you ordered a video in the Standard Format, 2 (two) times if you ordered a video in the Premium Format, and 3 (three) times if you ordered a video in the Exclusive Format. More about the Formats - here. [link]
Yes, you can order a square (1:1 ratio) video for Facebook and Instagram formats . To do this, you need to make a special request when you make an order. The default video you get is 16:9 and already suited for YouTube and Facebook so you can upload it there without any problem.
If you are not satisfied with your final product, please contact us by e-mail [email protected] Write the name of your property, the Product, Style and Format you ordered and tell us what disappointed you. We will try to fix it or will give your money back.